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About Kelly McDonald
Kelly McDonald is a marketing and advertising specialist and considered one of the nation’s top experts in consumer trends, generational differences and leveraging the customer experience.  She is the founder of McDonald Marketing, which has twice been named one of the “Top Ad Agencies in the U.S.” by Advertising Age magazine and ranked as one of the fastest-growing independently-owned companies in the U.S. by Inc. Magazine.

Kelly has been featured on CNBC, in Forbes Magazine, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, on and on SiriusXM Radio.

Her client experience includes iconic brands such as Toyota, State Farm, Nike, Harley-Davidson, Miller-Coors and Sherwin-Williams.

In addition to her extensive public speaking experience, she is also the author of three bestselling books:


Kelly is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  She now lives in Denver, Colorado.  When she’s not speaking and traveling for business, she enjoys hiking in the mountains and being outside and shopping for high heels.

About Allison Wielobob
Allison Wielobob brings more than 20 years of experience in employee benefits law to her role as the American Retirement Association’s General Counsel. She became a benefits expert by working on the staff of the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation and at the IRS, DOL and in private practice.
About Chloe McKenzie
Chloe McKenzie is fighting wealth inequality with down-to-earth, fierce, and funny financial literacy.

After working as a mortgage trader at J.P. Morgan and later a wealth adviser, Chloe decided to channel what she learned into activist and entrepreneurial ventures that would help her live her mission: to empower historically marginalized people to take financial control of their lives. She founded BlackFem, a 501(c)(3) non-profit with the goal of transforming school-based learning so that girls of color are empowered with skills, habits, and resources to build and sustain wealth. To date, BlackFem has helped over 15,000 students in 12 states.

In Chloe’s other venture, On A Wealth Kick, LLC (OWK), she combats wealth inequality by advising banks and financial institutions interested in incorporating financial inclusion practices. Her ultimate goal? Revolutionize the financial services industry and education system. (Did we also mention she’s only 26 years old?)

A dynamic and passionate orator, Chloe speaks at top organizations and institutions within the financial services industry to advocate for wealth justice, and help them address wealth challenges for their employees and the communities they serve.

About Erin Gargan King
Erin Gargan King knows how challenging it is for sales, marketing and event professionals to attract attention and communicate persuasively in today’s congested online world. Erin sold her first two companies, Jump Digital Media and (featured in Forbes) before the age of 30. In 2010, she launched Socialite Agency, an award-winning social media marketing firm.

Erin has been hired by The Oscars, ABC-Disney Television, Nelson Mandela’s Legacy of Hope, VISA, Hitachi, Siemens, Abbott Laboratories, Synchrony Financial, National Association of Broadcasters, The United States Navy and others. She’s helped these global brands leverage digital persuasion techniques to attract attention, increase influence and sell smarter in the modern marketplace. Frequently invited back for consecutive annual events, Erin is known in the conference world for one thing in particular: her energy! Her talks deliver a powerful, specific, actionable formula that’s spiced with stories, data and a lot of fun. Audiences leave inspired, motivated and highly entertained.

Erin lives in Laguna Beach, California with her husband. When she is not traveling the globe speaking, Erin can usually be found surfing, snowboarding, mountain biking or catching up with friends and family over a sunset glass of grapes.

About Mary Proctor Trane
Vérité Founder Mary Proctor Trane is a Gallup certified strengths-based Coach and Master Facilitator, dedicated to developing engaging, effective communicators.

Specializing in executive presentation skills, Mary creates customized workshops, as well as one-on-one coaching, to help professionals learn to share their true selves with their audience to become engaging, persuasive and effective public speakers. At the heart of Mary’s approach is authenticity; she believes finding what comes naturally and honestly leads to personal and professional growth.

A former professional actor who went on to lead a Global Education program at The Estée Lauder Companies, Mary has the unique ability to teach people to express themselves naturally and organically in front of others. She combines speaking and movement techniques honed both on the stage and in the corporate setting to help participants craft clear, concise, powerful presentations – all while staying true to themselves. Her workshops are both enjoyable and transformational – it’s important to her to be fearlessly authentic, bringing the material to life through meaningful conversation and activities.

Mary developed her approach during her 11-year tenure as Education Director of Bumble and bumble University, where she helped build and lead one of the best in class corporate education programs in the country. There she trained C-suite executives and beginners alike on topics ranging from leadership development, public speaking, business culture, team building, management, and retail strategy. Her workshops, known for their warm and open atmosphere, quickly gained popularity outside the walls of the University, becoming the most requested classes in The Estée Lauder Companies. Mary also holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Performance from the FSU/Asolo Conservatory, as well as Coaching Certification from New York University.

Originally from Minneapolis, Mary is now a New Yorker, living in Manhattan with her husband, 8-year-old son, and their beautiful (and very expressive) dog, Trixie.